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Regular and Premium Gas Prices

Regular and Premium Gas Prices: Why do They Change at Different Rates?

Everyone knows that the different octane levels means different pricing. However, many people write in regarding the fact that Regular and Premium gas prices often change at different rates. Why does this happen, and what distinguishes their pricing models? Generally this is due to differences in their production costs, demand and supply dynamics, regulatory impacts, and seasonal variations. Understanding these factors can help explain the diverging prices of these two types of gas. Different Production Costs: The production costs of Regular and Premium gasoline are different due to their varying octane levels. Premium gasoline, with its higher octane level, is more expensive to refine, store, and distribute. These costs are reflected in its price, which can fluctuate based on changes in these underlying costs. Demand and Availability: Regular and Premium gasoline have different demand and supply dynamics. Premium gasoline is typically used by high-performance engines, so changes in the market for these vehicles can affect its price. On the other hand, Regular gasoline is more commonly used, so its price is more sensitive to broader economic factors, such as changes in crude oil prices. Regulations: Regulatory factors can also have differential impacts onRegular and Premium Gas Prices. For instance, environmental […]

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Gas Prices Rise in the Spring

Why do Gas Prices Rise in the Spring?

As the summer season approaches, many Canadians are gearing up for road trips and outdoor adventures. But with the warmer weather also comes an increase in gasoline prices. So, just why do gas prices rise in the spring? RVP Season One of the many reasons this happens is due to a phenomenon known as the RVP season. RVP stands for Reid Vapor Pressure, which is a measure of how quickly gasoline evaporates. During the summer months, the RVP of gasoline is required to be lower in order to reduce air pollution. This means that refineries have to produce a different blend of gasoline, which can be more expensive to make. As a result, the prices of gasoline tend to rise during the RVP season, which typically runs from June 1st to September 15th in Canada. This is because the demand for the summer blend of gasoline increases, while the supply may be limited. Save Money on Gas But don’t worry, there are ways to save money on gas during this time. One option is to plan your trips and errands efficiently, combining multiple stops into one trip to reduce the amount of gas you use. You can also consider carpooling

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