Your Questions Answered

Are regulated gas prices a solution?

No. They tend to hide true daily market price moves that most can easily get through the internet and surprise many when, without notice they are suddenly changed, often with bizarre formulas that fail to reflect market realities

Can governments do anything?

Yes, plenty. Startung with suspending carbon taxes, rebating the windfall from the GST or HST applied as a percentage to the higher price. It’s neither oney they’ve budgeted for and its creating a significant financial burden on Canadians – even those that don’t drive. Been to a grocery store and checked out food prices lately?

Why do prices vary between Provinces even gas stations?

Taxes account for the main difference as every province in Canada has differing taxes on fuel. Differences between gas stations in the same city are typically the result of some gasbars adjusting their retail margins, which they need to cover the costs associated with running their site and honouring credit cards which often cost them 2-6 cents a litre depending on the rewards percentage.

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